May 15, 2010

Forever Young

When songs are remade, a very interesting effect happens. The people of the generation of the original song say, "Oh is that the one by _____?" The people who heard the new version say, "No. What are you talking about? Who is _____?" I actually like to know if a song is a re-make if it is. I also like to compare the two versions. As some of you may know, I like to look through old CDs once in a while. One day, I discovered an Alphaville album. Knowing nothing about them, I chose "Forever Young" as my favorite song in the album. Later, I learned that it also covered by many artists. While I was humming the song, someone told me that Jay-Z remade the song t00. Interesting...

Which one do you like better?

I tend to like Alphaville's style better compared to Jay-Z's style of music, so I give a vote for Alphaville. However, I have heard many people say that they like Jay-Z's version better. It does sound more modern. I used to not be able to understand why artists would cover songs. However, listening to different versions taught me that different people can take one song and interpret it in very different ways. Remaking certain songs also help bring old songs to the ears of another generation. After all, we don't want certain incredible songs to be lost in time.

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