May 18, 2010

Ghibli Animation OST Part 3 - Howl's Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle is another Hayao Miyazaki film based on the book of the same name. However, the book and the movie are a bit different. The theme song from the movie is also very famous. It is called The Merry-Go-Round of Life. I really like this song. It fits the movie well and it has a very calming effect. When put together with the pictures, the feeling that you get is indescribable. I must say, the chemistry between Miyazaki's film and Joe Hisaishi's music is indescribable.

I noticed that the ending themes of most of Hayao Miyazaki's films have a very unique style when looking at the voices of the singers. Some people say that they sound too "old granny-ish." However, I find the voices very soothing and homely. The ending theme for Howl's Moving Castle is called The Promise of the World, or Sekai no Yakusoku (世界の約束).

Japanese Lyrics (Romanji)

Namida no oku ni yuragu hohoemi wa
Toki no hajime kara no sekai no yakusoku

Ima wa hitori demo futari no kinou kara
Kyou wa umarekirameku
Hajimete atta hi no youni

Omoide no uchi ni anata wa inai
Soyokaze to natte hoho ni furetekuru

Komorebi no gogo no wakare no ato mo
Keshite owaranai sekai no yakusoku

Ima wa hitori demo ashita wa kagirinai
Anata ga oshiete kureta
Yoru ni hisomu yasashisa

Omoide no uchi ni anata wa inai
Seseragi no uta ni kono sora no iro ni
Hana no kaori ni itsumademo ikite

Translated English Lyrics

Beyond these tears, my flickering smile
holds the promise of love from the beginning of time.
Even though I'm along now, with our yesterdays this day is born aglow
like the first time we spoke.

Somehow I lost you among all my memories.
You brush past my face softly as the breeze.

Though we slipped apart like sunlight through the leaves,
the promise of love will live on eternally.
Even though I'm alone now, my tomorrows are boundless
like the kindness you showed me hidden in the night.

Somehow I lost you among all my memories.
In a brook's gentle song, in the depth of the sky,
in a scent of a flower, you will live on eternally.

This is the actual ending scene of Howl's Moving Castle.

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