Apr 1, 2010

Goong - Volume 22


Today, the twenty second novel of Goong came out. I loved reading the comic series, but the fact that it wasn't a completed series vexed me. In addition, unlike most comics, it would take months for one book to come out. However, I heard that the artist/writer of Goong had some health issues and underwent two surgeries during the duration of writing her 22nd novel. That is why I like to read completed comics. But since Goong has entertained me for a VERY long time, I guess I'll have to enjoy the anticipation for the next book each new novel gives. Unfortunately, even the 22nd novel is not the end of Goong. It's unfortunate because now I'll have to wait for the next novel. However, it's also a good thing because I'll be able to enjoy more and more of the story.

This is what happened. I heard that the twenty second release of Goong was coming out in February. But it didn't come out. Then I heard that it will come out in March. I had been waiting for this since I finished the 21st novel last year. That is a lot of waiting. The last thing I heard about the release date was "the last week of March." Finally, on March 31st, my friend texted me, "I got Goong!!!!!" Yes!!! Finally! So my friend read the book that afternoon and passed it on to me Thursday morning. Well, I actually ran to her first block (she was in World History), got the book safely in my arms, and ran back to my class (Geometry). I couldn't wait to read it!!! Every time we got an assignment, I bolted through the problems (correctly) and read the comic in my free time. First of all, I never knew I could solve math problems so quickly. Secondly, I learned that I could do Geometry and read Goong at the same time. If this is possible, anything is possible.

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  1. would you like to inform me, where's i can download the manhwa goong?