Apr 4, 2010

Goong 22 - Summary

Previously on Goong

Chae Kyung and Shin got divorced because of Yuul's plan to make his mark on the royal family. However, this was all done secretly without Shin knowing it. When the fact that Yuul caused the crown prince's divorce is revealed to the King and Shin, the balance tips. The King starts making plans of his own, Shin breaks off his engagement with his childhood sweet heart, and Chae Kyung's state of mind falls into chaos after learning that Yuul endangered Shin. Even so, Chae Kyung intends to go abroad with Yuul to stop him from destroying the Korean monarchy and Shin's place in it. In addition, now that everything is out, Yuul has nothing to lose. What will he do?

Goong Volume 22

Chae Kyung, before going far away with Yuul, asks Shin to run away for the day. The two run to the royal summer house (which belongs to Chae Kyung because Shin gave it to her as a "last gift" just before the divorce).
Meanwhile, back at the palace, Yuul, believing that Chae Kyung permanently ran away with Shin mess up Yuul's plans and show how insignificant he and his feelings are, starts to gather opposing forces to the current monarchy. Do we see a coup d'etat??? In addition, Yuul's mother is planning an "accident" for Shin. However, we also see some allies. Shin's father, decides to finally step up and take action to protect the Korean monarchy and his son. In addition, Miru, the daughter of a powerful family who likes Yuul and wants to get married to him, also helps out Shin and Chae Kyung by convincing her rich father to go and help out with whatever the King (Shin's father) is doing. Why would she do this when she likes Yuul? Because she knows that Yuul likes Chae Kyung and putting Chae Kyung and Shin together will leave Yuul free.
Back at the summer house, Shin proposes again to Chae Kyung, but Chae Kyung, stunned and confused is unable to answer. However, it is evident that the two are still in love with one another. That afternoon, Chae Kyung decides to return to Yuul. Shin intended to let her go if that was her final wish. However, Shin received orders from his father to keep her with Shin. (Go figure!) The king is waiting for Yuul to make a move so that he can officially step in, but if Chae Kyung returns, Yuul's coarse of action may change. Chae Kyung desperately tries to run away by hitchhiking, calling a cab, etc. All are futile attempts. Shin is intent on keeping her by his side. In the end, Chae Kyung tries to go out through the second floor balcony. Just before she jumps, Shin runs into the scene and pulls her off the ledge into his arms.

Well that was how the 22nd novel came to an end. I know, a cliff hanger huh? It's driving me crazy. Now I have to wait again for the next novel to come out. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the short synopsis of Goong. There were some very funny scenes, pictures, and lines in the comic. I really recommend watching Goong.

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