Mar 6, 2010

Goong - An Adorable Story

Hello! I'm back with more information about Goong! What happens in this comic book? What happens between Shin, Chae Kyung, and Yuul? Keep reading to find out!|2OHQ|225|20081023102952


Before Shin and Chae Kyung could even walk, the two’s grandfathers decided to marry the two children. Therefore, when Chae Kyung becomes seventeen, she is suddenly forced into a marriage which turns her life upside down. In the midst of trying to get accustomed to life in the palace, Chae Kyung grows closer to and falls in love with Shin Lee. As for Shin Lee, he had a childhood sweetheart. He only realizes later on that his true love is Shin Chae Kyung. The two grow closer to one another day by day and also fight through various challenges of life in the palace and as a public figure and role model, as well as other challenges any young lover may encounter.

Meanwhile, the story also includes government conspiracy. Yuul’s mother is furious because, according to current standings, her son cannot become the next king of Korea. In order to raise her son’s and her own status, she starts to create allies within the government and plot against Prince Shin Lee. Yuul, however, starts to grow tired of his mother’s endless plots. This changes when Yuul decides to become a “bad boy.” In order to bring Chae Kyung to his side, he threatens Shin’s mother. If Chae Kyung does not divorce Shin Lee, Yuul says that he will do everything in his power to knock Shin off the line of succession. Although Yuul is second in line, Shin’s mother knew the danger of his resources and power. As a mother who wishes the best for her son, she tells Chae Kyung that Chae Kyung must divorce Shin if she truly loves him. Chae Kyung, hoping to protect Shin, asks for a divorce. Although Shin refuses at first, he sees that his wife is having a hard time in the palace and lets her go. However, he is determined to find out the secret behind Chae Kyung’s actions. In volume twenty, the fact that Yuul was the mastermind behind Shin and Chae Kyung’s misery is revealed and Chae Kyung is overwhelmed by the fact that her friend betrayed her. Although the secrets are revealed, it is not easy for a prince to announce a marriage, a divorce, and yet again another marriage. In addition, Yuul, now that he has nothing to lose, decides to step up his own game. Volume twenty one ends with conflicts still on high and Chae Kyung telling Shin that they should just run away together.

My Thoughts

Quite frankly, this comic does not contain a mind-blowing story line and often times, the character drawings are out of proportion; Goong would not have caught my eye on a book store. However, I skimmed through a few volumes at a friend’s house and learned why this comic book is enjoyed so much. The story is funny, light, and adorably sweet. It makes the readers laugh and smile to see how two teenagers grow accustomed to one another. At the same time, there is just enough serious scheming and back stabbing. All the characters, major, minor, good, or bad have their own charm. For example, although Yuul seems like a bad character, many readers grow to sympathize with and understand his sorrow because he has a story of his own, which, told from Yuul’s point of view, raises pity for the lonely character. For me, Goong is a great way to spend a boring afternoon; I have a lot of fun and reading this helped me improve my Korean grammar. I also learned a lot of terms, which were actually used long ago in Korea, that specifically address different people of the royal family.

Goong was also made into a live action drama which became a big hit. If you want a glimpse of what the drama is like, click the link below to see a short music video of one of the soundtracks of the drama.

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