Mar 6, 2010

Goong - The Lineup that Shines


Today I will introduce to you one of my favorite comic book series, Goong (Palace Love Story). Although Japan is very famous for their manga and animation culture, Koreans also enjoy reading comic books very much and Korea's comic industry has risen significantly. Just like we call Japanese comics Manga, Korean comics are called Manhwa. Let us take a brief look at what this manhwa is all about.

Title – Goong (translation: Palace)

Author/Artist – So Hee Park

Genre – Korean Comic (Manhwa), Romantic Comedy


This comic is set in modern-day Korea under the set-up that Korea is a constitutional monarchy.


Chae Kyung Shin – Chae Kyung is a typical, high school girl. She is a very bright and kind person. She was married to Shin, but later divorced him.

Shin Lee – Shin Lee is the crown prince of Korea (first in line). At first, he seems like a stoic character who is not very interested in Chae Kyung. However, after time, he falls hopelessly in love with her.

Yuul Lee – Yuul, Shin’s cousin, used to be the crown prince and first in line to the thrown. However, with the sudden death of his father, he became second in line. Things get complicated when Yuul also falls in love with Chae Kyung. His jealously and obsession drives Yuul to do whatever he can to break Shin and Chae Kyung apart.|2OHQ|225|20081023102952

Other than these three main characters, the members of government as well as some of the main characters’ friends add to the story line.

Characters are an essential part of any story. What each character brings may make the overall work shine, or die. In Goong, we see a love triangle rather typical for East Asian comics and dramas from countries like Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, etc. However, in this particular story, each character's style is portrayed well. That is why Goong kept my interest. For example, Chae Kyung's hilarious words and actions keep the readers deeply engaged. On the other hand, the seriousness that the older government officials bring into the scene keeps the story down-to-earth and less sophomoric.

Today I will keep my introduction at this. Don't fall into despair! I will continue uploading more information related to Goong, so stay tuned for more.

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