Apr 9, 2010

Boohwal - 25th Anniversary

Although the Korean music industry appears to be dominated by commercial K-pop idol singers, there is a lot more beneath the surface. Independent and underground, the Korean rock industry is quite interesting too. Of these rock bands, one of them is called "Boohwal." They were first formed in the 80's when a heavy metal boom around Korea started producing major rock bands. After their 2nd album, their popularity rocketed. "Boohwal" means resurrection in Korea and is one of the few rock bands to have lasting popularity until today. They went through many ups and downs and had quite a few change of vocals, but their signature rock ballads have never ceased to soothe the audience with both great music and showmanship.

Recently, for their 25th anniversary, they released their 12th album, titled Retrospect and it came out in two parts. The first part came out late 2009 and recently, their released the second part of the album. Before going deeply into this rock band, I wanted to introduce to you the title songs for Retrospect I and II.

Album name
25th Anniversary: Retrospect
Title Song: 생각이나 (I Thought)

Album name
25th Anniversary: Retrospect II
Title Song: 사랑이란 건 (Something That I Love)

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