Apr 12, 2010

Kim Tae Won's Hot Chocolate Commercial

Kim Tae Won is the leader and guitarist of the Korean rock band, "Boohwal." Long ago, he was famous for his charisma and unapproachable air. Recently, Kim Tae Won started coming out more and more on television shows. At first, I did not understand this because I had thought him to be the last person who would go on air without his guitar. However, he said that he wanted to make Korean rock more approachable to more people. Then it made a bit more sense. Anyway, with his thin frame, long hair, and sunglasses, Kim Tae Won started losing his charismatic image on television (he still has his rocker stuff going on on stage). He earned a new nickname, Kim Hal-mae (Hal-mae means Granny, in Korean), because of the way he looked.

Anyway, a commercial came out that sent me to the ground, laughing. This is the commercial for Mitte, a hot chocolate line.

This is what's happening.

A group of young boys come to a ski resort and see a person with long hair in a pink ski uniform. One guy approaches "her" with a cup of hot chocolate. As it turns out, this person was actually Kim Tae Won. On the ski slope, Kim Tae Won says, "Ah~ You should have come with a girl friend."
Then, the commercial ends with, "When the wind blows cold, hot chocolate Mitte."

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