Apr 12, 2010

Simon and Garfunkel

I don't know what it is about music before my time that attracts me so much, but I also really like Simon and Garfunkel's music. It just really showed me the meaning of "timeless," unlike some digitally created sounds that come and go without a trace, like air, temporary, without substance, and obvious (just personal opinions because there is a time and place for everything). Without passion and truth, music is nothing.

A few years ago, I was rummaging through my father's CD cabinet when I stumbled upon a CD called The Best of S and G. It looked familiar, but did not ring a bell. And what do you do with a CD if you don't hear it? So I stuck the CD in the living room stereo and listened. The music was soft, bubbly, and pastel pink.

I especially liked how "The Boxer" sounded.

Although you have probably heard it a lot here and there (it's pretty famous, I learned after looking up a little about Simon and Garfunkel), here you go. Enjoy!

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